Jump Drives and 8 Tracks

Do you ever read something and think “man I should have written that”?

It happened to me yesterday, I was perusing some photography blogs (that counts as working, right?) and stumbled upon this gem of a blog post by Heidi Hope Photography: Why Digital Negatives are probably wasting your money. 

This is simple and brilliant. This is exactly what we have all known in the album business; technology comes and goes but people will always cherish their hard copy photos. And yet, tradeshow after tradeshow we try to develop products to meet ever changing digital needs. After a long bout of giggling to myself as I pictured jump drives being as foreign to our future customers as 8 track tapes are to me today, I decided to go ahead and share this brilliant blog with you too.

Have a great week!

Kathryn Osborne

Marketing Manager