How to sell more holiday photo cards this year

Two of the dilemmas photographers face when selling holiday cards is that they have to either A) be a great, fast card designer, or B) buy cool templates before they know if their client will like the design or not. What to do, what to do...

This year, you might try something new from our company, Red Boot Design. We've created a card catalog that you can download and distribute to your clients while maintaining your professional image. The PDF catalog is cute, professionally designed, and most importantly...unbranded and sans pricing! 

  • Catalog contains 30 holiday card design options
  • Distribute to clients as print or digital versions
  • Once a client falls in love with a design... you can order and download instantly!
  • All cards are layered Photoshop files, and 100% customizable
  • Designed to WHCC specs, but can easily be adjusted for any other lab

Download the Red Boot Design catalog free here:

The cover of the RBD template catalog