From Kathryn's Perspective...

Each workday I come into the office, I  know we will talk to at least one customer who has had some sort of crisis strike their photography business. Sometimes they are severe like a fire at a client's home that leaves them devastated and without their most prized possessions: photos. Others may simply have a monster bride who just cannot be satisfied. We always try to be here for these photographers, a light in a dark workflow tunnel.

But some days, sadly, we come into work to find that the crisis has hit us. We are lucky enough to have never dealt with fire or other natural disasters; but we do, on occasion get hit with technical ones. For instance, today our DASHBOARD 3 has crashed. This has happened before and I have watched over the last year as we have worked to develop the new DASHBOARD 4 and updates to other software products; but, since I am not on the technical side of the company I am left feeling helpless like our many customers who do not have access to their software today.

It is amazing to watch the staff here jump on the problem genuinely trying to find solutions. They work in unison. It is beautiful to watch as they troubleshoot through angry customer calls and test new solutions while brainstorming the next step. I really wish you could feel the energy in this office. It is magical.

But really, I’ve always known that of the energy here. I work with amazing people, with creative minds, and kind souls who truly come to work everyday to make a difference in the lives of like-minded photographers.

I share this with you because I wanted to somehow provide a window to my world and assure everyone facing a hardship at work today, because of our software, that our team WILL find a solution.

Here is a link where we are currently placing workarounds and updates for DASHBOARD 3. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Kubota team!

Kathryn Osborne
Director of Marketing