Are you Thirsty to help people and pick an experts brain?

Do both when you support Thirst Relief International and their annual Photo mentor auction starting tomorrow! I will again be donating my time as a mentor, and some of our software goodies, to the highest bidder. You can bid on me, or any number of the awesome professionals who have donated their time. All the proceeds from the auction go directly to help bring clean water to people in need. This really is a wonderful project we can all get behind. 

Find out more here now, it starts tomorrow and goes through the weekend!

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Adam, one of the creative young peeps driving the Mentor Auction project this year, and his energy and enthusiasm for this event is truly contagious. Thirst Relief has well-watered roots in their organization that all began with the notion of photographers giving back to the world. What they have accomplished is truly amazing and the best part of all is that even a modest donation can make a significant impact on the quality of life for many people. 

Whether you bid on me to be your knowledge slave, or any of the many other fine contributing experts, you WILL be making the world a better place! Dive in!