Notes from the WPPI U in Portland workshop

Thank you to all who attended my workshop today in Portland! It was fun to see many familiar faces and to meet LOTS of new ones :-) You're probably looking for the workshop notes, and you can download them here. Remember to use the password I gave you at the workshop to open the PDF file.

I also mentioned a great site for flashlights galore, and a link to one of the flashlights I like is here. Keep in mind that there are tons of options and I can't say that this is THE best one of them all, but it's a good, affordable option. If you want to look for your own, look for things like 200-300 lumens, adjustable power, adjustable zoom/focus, and common batteries. Some of them require a specialty sized battery and charger that you can't find locally (although they are available on the site and quite affordable)