Images from @creativeLIVE day 2 Lighting workshop

Today we created an intimate wedding dance portrait in a non-intimate setting. We used speedlights with a Rogue Grid and the Impact Quikbox 24". We then created some soft window light settings using a 77"x77" double-wide scrim from Photoflex and an Impact LiteTrek behind it. We talked about the importance of feathering the light across to the furthest person when lighting a group and then went outside to create some fun lifestyle engagement portraits using natural light, a speedlight with a RogueGrid, and 2 speedlights inside a Photoflex Small Octodome using a Singh Ray Vari-ND neutral density filter.

We then came back inside to do a fun 50's styled portrait using a speedlight powered "beauty dish" made from an Impact Quickbox with a Lastolite oval face mask and all internal diffusers removed.

Our model, Kristina, was such a great character model and started to play up the Stepford Wife look so well that we had to do some quirky portraits of her while we were at it ;-)