The pressure to be CreativeLive...

The nirvana of most location photographers is to be able to travel light, with affordable gear, and to be able control or create just about any type of lighting look and effect. That's always been my, sometimes elusive, goal - and I feel pretty happy about the tools and techniques that I've assembled in to my physical and virtual tool belt over the years. If you've ever been hesitant to use off-camera lighting, or get frustrated trying to physically create the light you feel in your imagination, then this could be a great workshop for you.

And it's free. CreativeLive produces undeniably wonderful, educational, and inspirational content and I'll be there, this coming Thurs-Sat. Sept. 20-22. I'll be teaching and shooting for 3 full days and you can watch it all live, for free! You just have to sign up on their website:

I've taught workshops for over 10 years and I love the energy of a live presentation. I think that's why I loved shooting weddings for so many years as well. There is an adrenaline rush that comes from the pressure of a one-shot-deal and it often fuels creativity. Not everyone likes this, which is probably why not everyone is a wedding photographer (although some may argue to the contrary!) But for some reason I think I do. 

When do you feel most creative? Do you work better when you have time to plan, prepare, and mull over ideas first? Do you need to "digest" things before making decisions? My wife is definitely in that camp. She's a thinker. She likes having a plan and time to let her mental tea brew. 

I'm her Yang. I will never admit that I like the stress of a last minute job or pressure of a wedding or live presentation, but I do. I think I actually work better under those conditions. I like the rush of adreneline fueled creative sparks rather than the slower, more controlled flow of pre-planning. I'm not saying I don't pre-plan anything, that would be irresponsible. I just like to leave room for a little creative chaos in my life :-)