Notes from Professional Photographers of California convention

Two days after teaching in Chicago, I was on location in Pasadena, CA for the PPC convention to do another full day program - this time including lighting and workflow/post-processing. My goals for this program were similar to Skip's summer school except we spent a bit more time on the post-processing than we did at Skips.

If you are interested in the lighting tools used and how to put together a similar lighting kit, check out the previous blog post from Skip's Summer School.

If you were an attendee of the PPC program, thank you for sharing the day with me! It was a lot of fun, despite the record heat outside, and a big high five to my new friends who came all the way from Poland to be at the workshop! 

Everyone who attended the program can download the program notes here. The link to the Studio Management software I offered you (KIT E-Studio) is on the last page of the handout on the Resources page. Download here.

Here are some images from the workshop, showing the various lighting techniques we worked on: