Dashboard 4 Pro is just around the corner!

And it's free. Your Photoshop has a new pal coming in just a few days. We've completely re-written our Dashboard plugin from the ground up and it's more reliable, more flexible, and is the beginning of a whole slew of new, fun features. While there are several fixes and improvements under the hood, the most significant are: 

  1. Dashboard 4 Pro is completely FREE in the Essential version. It comes complete with a generous set of Essential tools and effects, including a special Facebook prep tool and other goodies. You can even control ANY action on your action palette with the Dashboard 4 Pro. All free, no strings attached.
  2. You can try out any of our other effects, at any time, directly on your images.The demo mode places a watermark on a copy of your image. You can demo any action, at any time, no 30 day trial limits. Purchase effects packages quickly from the Dashboard and unlock them for permanent, non-watermarked use.
  3. A NEW Effects Pak! The first of many smaller, more affordable effects packages is available in the new Dashboard 4 Pro. Check out our new, InstaLooks for some fun, one-click effects that cleverly combine textures, borders, and other enhancements with just one-click. If you love your smart phone camera apps, you'll love InstaLooks!

Current customers of Kubota Image Tools will receive an email in the next few days with upgrade information and an opportunity to grab InstaLooks. If you're not yet part of the Kubota Image Tools family, stay tuned here for more info!

Information on Kubota Image Tools Dashboard 4 pro

An image using the Custard Cream effect from InstaLooks, and the Facebook Prep tool (useful for any online sharing) in the free Essentials set of Dashboard 4 Pro.