The most affordable hands-on photo workshop out there

To be able to hone your photography skills in a small workshop with some of the top photo educators in the world can be downright priceless. But to be able to grab this opportunity for this price is truly rare. Skip Cohen has been put together the best Skip's Summer School yet with a fantastic lineup of instructors. I've been a teacher at workshops all over the world, and for many different photo organizations, and I truly haven't seen a better value and assembly of talent as this one. 

I will be one of the instructors teaching a small hands-on lighting workshop that could literally change the way you feel about location lighting. It's within the reach of all photographers to feel confident and excited about walking in to any photographic situation and creating beautiful light.

The other day I had a very eye-opening and poignant experience watching my son. He is 10 and loves to learn how to do things - like creating his own Minecraft server and learning to do 3D Computer Modeling and game programming, by watching YouTube videos. I must admit, he's amazed me with what he's been able to accomplish without any intervention at all. After spending several days on his latest educational quest in game programming, he came to a dead end. He simply could not figure out how to move past this programming barrier no matter how many videos he watched. He asked me for help. I had no clue what he was talking about. However, I did know someone who COULD help. 

I asked the programmer we work with for my business if I could hire him for 1 hour to sit with my son and help him figure a few things out. Now this genius of a programmer, we'll call him "Nate", has much bigger things to work on than to sit with a 10 year old and answer questions, but he was more than happy to do it and generously made time to help my son with exactly what he needed to learn. 

That one hour of time was worth considerably more than days of watching YouTube videos and trying to figure everything out on his own. My son also now feels that he has a friend and resource he can turn to if he ever gets in to a real pickle (I informed him he couldn't just skype Nate whenever he wanted - it had to be really important ;-)

This is a new generation for Photographers. There are new photographers around every corner, and the abundance of free online educational content is a great way to get started - but it's just that...a way to get started. There is no substitute for personalized, hands-on education with an expert when you really want to move past the millions of others out there who are watching the same videos and free education. You really do get what you pay for.

I hope to see you at Skip's Summer School for some irreplaceable, one-on-one, hands-on time.

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