Lightroom 4 workflow tips on new PhotoPro episode this Thurs

[Framed] Network launches its new season of awesome, free, educational and inspirational shows this week and Thursday will be the premier of my segment, called PhotoPro. Some of you might be familiar with my series of episodes last season, called Post Pro. Now we've stepped it up and each week I'll be covering a wide variety of topics, from new features in Lightroom 4, to workflow, to Photoshop, to time management, to creativity & sales techniques. Tune in to PhotoPro each Thursday on the [Framed] Network and every other day of the week too for great programs from people like Jeremy Cowart, Joel Grimes, Tanja Lippert, Ryan Muirhead, Tia Reagan, and of course the lovely and talented Melissa Niu.

Check out PhotoPro!