Trick for 2 speedlights in Photoflex Octodome

I did a video for PocketWizard recently to show the new Plus III transceivers in use. In that video, I used one of my favorite setups, a Photoflex small Octodome with the speedlight adapter. However, I modified my speedring to allow mounting of 2 speedlights for more power and faster recycling times. Basically I took a second speedlight bracket and mounted it opposite the first one on the speedring. This keeps both heads close together in the center of the softbox opening.

To do this, I needed to drill a small hole in the ring for the locating pin on the bracket. The threaded hole was already there. It took about 10 minutes to rig and now I have a very powerful, versatile setup for using my speedlight powered Octodome anywhere! I hooked up one Plus III unit to each speedlight and put each on a separate zone so I could turn either, or both, on independantly as needed remotely from the Plus III on my camera.

I added an extra bracket to the top of the speedring for the additional flash. You have to drill a small hole for the alignment pin on the bracket.

All the components