Good for you, good for Jen

Save money on our software and proceeds will help a photographer. Hey friends. If you've been with me a while, you probably know about my friend Jen Thompson who is bravely fighting ovarian cancer. She is a single mom, wonderful photographer, and has passionately shared her experience with the world in order to help inspire others to keep positive in the face of overwhelmingly dire circumstances. Her condition has recently taken a turn for the worse, and she needs more specialized treatment. It is very costly and we want to help her. Will you help too?

If you need some of our software, please consider making a purchase before this Sunday. You'll save 10% and we'll donate 50% of the proceeds directly to Jen. If you don't need any more software, please stop for a moment and put yourself in her shoes, then hop on over to this page where you can donate whatever you can directly.

I realize, as I'm sure you do, that there are many, many people in the world that need help. I wish I could help them all, I really do. All we can do is take little steps along the way to help wherever we can and it adds up very quickly.

This is a private event and only available directly to our friends, so please visit our Facebook page to grab the code and help a photographer, and friend, in need. I thank you!!