Letter to Apple: Give cold people quick access to phone and camera

I love my Apple gadgets and generally feel Apple is way ahead of the curve in design, ergonomics, and sex appeal. Sometimes I want to smack them on the head though. Like the time they took over a year to include the most basic computer function of all time, copy/paste, in to their cutting edge "smart" phone software. Don't get me started. 

So I would venture to guess that more than a few of Apple's iPhone customers live in a place where you might wear gloves for part of the year - like anywhere but California and Hawaii. Have you ever been on a ski lift when a call comes in but you're afraid to answer it because you have to take off your gloves and risk dropping one, or both, extremely valuable items? Yes, I'm talking about making "smart" phones smart enough to be answered, or to take a photo, with gloves on.

Of course, there are those special gloves that have capacitive touch screen compatible fingertips on them – I have a pair. Inevitably, though, they take a few swipes and getting your finger set just right in the glove tip to make it work. I can't wear them snowboarding or scuba diving though, and that's where I also want to access my phone/camera. Wait, I said scuba diving. That's another gadget, the iPhone scuba case.

What I'd like to see is simple. Apple, could you pretty please add an option to double or triple-click one of the volume buttons or the power button to activate the camera? Then, since we can already fire the camera with a single click of the volume button, it would be really fast and easy to start the camera and take a photo. You could do it with gloves on, or your elbow.

While your at it, Apple, please allow a double-click of the home button (when a call is coming in) to answer the phone. Problem solved. Some people actually wear gloves and want to use their phone and camera. Some people have their fingertips shaved to hide fingerprints or have bionic carbon composite hands that don't work with touch screens, like me. Just kidding, I have normal hands, that take normal gloves.

OK, I'm done. I'll just hold my breath for iPhone 7.