Lighting and Workflow Bootcamp snapshot.

Here are a few images from the lighting part of our Digital Photography Bootcamp workshop this past week. I had an incredible group of enthusiastic photographers and we also had awesome guest instructors like Craig Strong from Lensbaby and Benjamin Edwards, author of the latest Nikon Speedlight Field Guide. My friend, Jen Burgess Thompson also shared a very touching and inspirational evening with us. It was a week of laughing, learning, and crying.

These images are a sampling from the many different lighting scenarios we worked on during the first half of the week. We worked on simple and affordable studio lighting, natural lighting, mixing flash and natural light, and we also worked on a live job to create promo images for the luxury lodge where we were staying - Five Pine Lodge. Details on the lighting are in the captions below each image. During the second half of the week, we went step-by-step through our Lightroom 4 workflow system - ensuring the beautiful images were quickly and efficiently brought from camera to presentation.

I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to our supporters who generously provided tryout gear, props, and gifts for our workshop attendees! They went home with things like a full LiteTrek lighting system and wireless transceivers from B&H, custom backdrops and prints from WHCC, Bags from Tamrac, great books like Photography Web Marketing Guide, by Wendy Roe and Worth Every Penny, by Sarah Petty & Erin Verbeck. SmugMug was our image host of choice and of course we love Animoto for quickly sharing pro-looking slide shows, brought to life with tunes from Triple Scoop Music. (you can save 10% by entering KubotaRocks10 during checkout!) Our final presentations are made with Asukabook albums and coffee table books - designed, of course, by Redboot Design.

We used lighting gear from Photoflex, and the new, affordable PocketWizard Plus III wireless transceivers. We gave them a thorough testing, and they worked flawlessly without a single mis-fire! They were very easy to setup and use. When we needed to modify our speedlights, the Rogue Grid 3-in-1 system was a favorite accessory for dramatic lighting.

I love teaching Bootcamp. It's the one chance I get to really get hands-on with my students and cover lighting and workflow in depth. We always leave time for essential business and marketing discussions to make sure we are not only great lighting and workflow masters - but also making money as photographers ;-)