Updated Kubota presets for Lightroom 4

As most of you know, Lightroom 4 was officially released today. Those of you who use and love our Lightroom presets will be happy to know that we have made updates, and are doing the final testing now to make our presets compatible (and look the same) on Lightroom 4. We should have them posted on our site tomorrow. The udate will be free to all our awesome registered users.

Lightroom 4 changed a few things in some of the adjustments compared to LR3, so some tweaking was in order to keep them consistent with the looks attained using the presets in LR3. 

We are also working on a brand spanky new set of presets especially for LR4 to add to your Kubota collection, so keep an eye out for those, they'll be coming soon! So far, I really love the improvements they've made to the basic adjustments and the selective adjustment brush settings. I am seeing noticeable improvements in image quality when adjusting the same image in LR4 vs. LR3.