The Lighting Notebook iApp status update:

Thank you for the great response to our Lighting Notebook iApp release! It lasted about 12 hours…hmmm. In a nutshell, Apple has a strict process for approving the many apps submitted to their store. Some apps also have in-app purchasing options (like ours) and that has to be reviewed by Apple as well. Somehow, Apple approved the basic app, but hadn't gotten around to the in-app purchase part. They released the app, partially activated, which was confusing to people - so we pulled it completely until they have the entire app reviewed and available.

Apple doesn't give developers any specifics as to what the actual release date of the app is, so it's just a waiting game at this point. It could be hours from now, or a few more days. We'll keep everyone posted. Thanks again for all your excitement around the app! We are biting our nails too ;-)