Simple but effective lighting styles

I created these images at a recent workshop for the Connecticut PPA to demonstrate how to achieve beautiful lighting with very simple tools, and with whatever backgrounds happen to be available. It was a classic example of how to create bridal portraits in a banquet room where there wasn't really much to work with. 

In the first set of images I used a single Photoflex small Octodome as the main light. When placed close enough, and in the right position, you don't need much else. I used the existing ambient light as the fill light. I also used the new Lensbaby Edge 80 lens to create the beautiful selective focus. 

I then added a single speedlight with a Rogue Grid on it to be my lovely Hollywood rimlight/hairlight. This is a simple way to glamorize a photo and separate a subject from the background. 

We then went inside the conference room and created some headshots and full-length images with nothing more than our blank projection screen and the wall as the background. I used a large diffusion panel with a speedlight illuminating it. 

For the close-up headshots, our lovely model laid on her belly on the floor and I created a clam-shell beauty light with a 42" diffusion disc directly over her head and face. The disc was illuminated with a speedlight and the white reflective cover for the disc was placed on the floor beneath her for fill light.

The new PocketWizard Plus III transceivers were used to reliably trigger my speedlights.

See the full gallery of images on my SmugMug site here.