Holiday Gift Guide part 7

By Wendi, Manager 

Hi, I’ve been at Kubota Image Tools for over 7 years and although I’m not a professional photographer, I do appreciate photography and the many related products. 

The first item on my holiday wish list is the Image Cubes from WHCC which are a fun way to fit a lot of my favorite images onto an image block, that doesn't take up a lot of space. WHCC calls them “off the wall attractive” and I would agree. They come in 4”4” and 8”x8” These would also make great gifts for family members, (plus they are easy to wrap). I plan to do one for grandma and grandpa of my son and another one for my sisters with images of our sister getaway trip. What a great way to capture family memories and not have to worry about taking up more space on their wall! 

Red Boot Design has templates for the Image Cubes which make them super easy to design. These templates from Red Boot Design are available through WHCC Focused. There are a variety of templates to choose from which means everyone on my list will get a unique gift. 

My Love Necklace from Kimbra Studios. This solid sterling silver necklace is something that is on my Christmas wish list also. I’d like it with a picture of my son smiling, in black and white, I think it’s adorable and unique.