Holiday Gift Guide part 6

by Kathryn, Director of Marketing

Hello Kubota world! Some of you may know me, most of you don’t, but I work here at Kubota so maybe I have met you at a tradeshow in the AsukaBook booth?  Anyway, I have never had the honor of being a guest blog poster, so I am very excited and I plan to repost this entry on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!!! I expect my parents will also be so proud that they will print out this post and put it on their fridge. In anticipation of their proud fridge posting I am going to share my photography holiday wish list so that I can insure I get an awesome gift this year and not another Chihuahua sweater. I encourage you to do the same!

Some of my favorite things for 2012: 

1) Click Magazine I just received the premier issue of Click by ClickinMoms the other day. Not only is it a magazine, it is a great experience for photographers and those in the industry. One of the first things we noticed was how the paper of the cover felt, we loved it and proceeded to pet the magazine! Our designer was swooning over the beautiful interior fonts and the inside was filled with useful articles and product choices. I really enjoyed that I didn’t feel to overwhelmed with ads even though I was exposed to tons of new products. I plan on ordering a few for my photographer coworkers.

2) Metal Ornaments by Black River. I love these things; I go visit them at every tradeshow. These photo ornaments feel really substantial and high quality in your hand. There are 12 shapes and two finishes to choose from. They are big enough to see the images from a distance (without being tacky) and the photo quality is very good. Another great feature is the turn around time, it is about 2 days so you still have plenty of time to order them before the holidays are over. Many labs offer different ornament types, check out WHCC and Bay Photo for a variety of options. Mom, if you are reading this, a metal ornament of my Chihuahua is a completely appropriate gift!

(image from Black River)

3) Designable iphone covers: I was skeptical of these at first, wondering if they would be cheesy or not, but now that they are showing up around my office with super cute colors and templates, I WANT ONE! Many labs are offering these so check with them if you want one too.  If you have a cover already, comment on which lab you used so others can check them out.