Holiday Gift Guide part 4

by Lindsey, of Red Boot Design

Hello! This is such a crazy, hectic, and FUN time of year! I myself am trying to balance “busy season” and life with little kiddos at the same time... a challenging (and often amusing) task, and one that I'm sure many of you can relate to! One of my biggest secrets to surviving this time of year is that I shop for holiday gifts year-round, so I can avoid the lines and tantrums (not just from my own kids, but from impatient adult shoppers, too!) during this time of year. But, if you still have some shopping to do, I'd love to share some ideas for the little ones on your gift list...

Vtech Kids' Camera(image from Target)

This is a great toy for little kids who have an interest in photography, or who like to pretend to  “work” like you do! Built in features include a camera, video camera, editing abilities, and a few games. And, best of all, it's super durable (ie; can be dropped several times, or make it through siblings' tug-of-war matches without any damage). The images captured aren't high quality, but this is an excellent way to introduce kids to the fun in photography!

Creativity in Real Life!

Photography is all about creativity and capturing life... but not every child wants to be a mini-photographer! So, why not encourage other forms of creativity, and capture the real imagination of a child?! This service allows you to send in a child's drawing, and have a custom stuffed animal (or monster, or fairy, or whatever else a child draws!) created to look just like their drawing! The expression on a child's face when they see their work come to life will be worth a thousand words (or, in a photographer's case, a thousand images).

Kids' Teepee

Confession: This could be a gift for the kids, AND for you! The teepee itself will provide kids with endless hours of entertainment. It's also pretty darn cute, and would be an awesome prop for a styled shoot, or even just a casual shoot that captures kids being kids!

Wishing you a holiday season filled with yummy treats, love, and lots of laughter! The craziness of the holiday season will soon be over, but this is the time to make memories that will last a lifetime!