Holiday Gift Guide part 3

by Christiana, Business Partner Coordinator

I picked up my first DSLR camera a little less than a year ago and started volunteering at my local humane society taking pictures of the adoptable dogs and cats for their website. Although I’m very experienced handling animals, it’s quite a challenge trying to handle them with one hand and set your camera with the other. I’m almost always in a situation of low light, dog or cat cowering in the corner, treat in one hand, camera in the other. Talk about challenges! So my wish list includes some items that I think could make my life a little bit easier. One simple thing I’d like is a camera skin like the Delkin Devices Snug-It Pro Skin Camera Protector. I’m constantly squeezing out of kennels with metal doors, trying to body block so a dog doesn’t squeeze by me for a joy run around the shelter. I try to protect my camera, but occasionally it brushes up against the door, and I cringe a little each time. How cool would it be to have it encased in silicone rubber and protected from door scratches and toenails, and from those overzealous labs who want to lick my face.

The second item I’ve had my eye on is a Camera Creature the Daper Dog. You know the fabulous little stuffed toy looking thing that goes around your lens and makes it look less intimidating? They fit on any lens up to 90mm in diameter. They were designed with kids in mind, but I have no doubt the cats and kittens I photograph would be super enamored with them as well. AND they have a built in squeaker which means I wouldn’t have to be digging around in my pocket for a squeaker toy when trying to get a dog's attention. Brilliant!

When the weather is nice here in Bend, and by that I mean not raining or snowing but, it’s still COLD, we photograph the dogs outside playing in yards. It can take awhile for them to sniff the entire yard and finally realize I’m even there. So while they are making the rounds my fingers start to get numb, and I found these Freehands gloves that unlike my traditional fingerless gloves leave just your pointer finger and thumb free. LOVE IT! They also have little finger caps so when you don’t need to be shooting you can fold those over and regain feeling in your fingers. They are available for men and women and come in a variety of colors. I seriously hope these end up in my stocking instead of socks this year.