Holiday Gift Guide part 2

Well, hi there! I’m Trish, and I was asked to share my photography wish list on the Kubota blog. This is an interesting task for me because . . . I’m the accountant!  The boss said it would be ok if I include my list of accounting software and such, since it DOES pertain to the photography industry; but I’m actually really content using the software we already own (QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Excel) to accomplish all our accounting needs, so my only wish in that category is an upgrade:  Excel 2010! Pretty modest, yes?

I’m also really content with my 18-year-old camera, which was quite uptown when I bought it! It’s an 8mm video camera with a smart card for still pictures. (Low  res—perfect for posting pictures on inexpensive [ok free] online dating services—not that I’ve ever done that.) This is so embarrassing—I don’t even know what brand my camera is! I’ll have to go home and look, and get back to you, in case, y’know, you want to go on Craigslist and buy one for yourselves. Did I mention it has infra-red for night shooting?

So, hmm . . . what IS my wish list of photography stuff . . .

Number One: Kevin Kubota, if you ever decide you don’t need all of the prints of your Secret Italy photographs that are hanging around the office, please throw it/them my way. I LOVE getting to look at those every day, and it would be way cool to have one of my own. It doesn’t even matter which one—they’re all beautiful. Although . . . the one with the bridge (in the john) and the one with the fairy-tale castle at the top (by the kitchen) are my favorites! ;o) Until then, I would like the KUBOTA DESIGNER NOTE CARDS - Italy Series. Or, as long as I’m wishing . . . it would really make my day if someone would give me the gift of attending the next Secret Italy trip! I’ll bring my cool 20th-century camera and everything!

Number Two: My niece is actually what I’d call a “Clickin’ Mom,” and after looking that lovely magazine over, I’m thinkin’ I’ll get a subscription of “Click” for her for Christmas. (Oops—this is already on one of the manager’s wish list!)

Number Three: There are cookies out there with photographs on them! Can you believe that? How unique is that, to be able to give “Snapshot Cookies” to loved ones? I’m gonna get some for my brother and sister-in-law so they can finally bite each others’ heads off . . . they are WAY too kind and loving to each other. Heh-heh-heh. But seriously, they can be purchased at, and the company will donate 15% of the proceeds to the charity of my choice. How cool is that!?

Enough of wishful thinking . . . I’ve got some financials to prepare.

Merry Holidays!