Holiday Gift Guide part 1

We asked each of our staff to come up with a list of items they would either like to give or receive this holiday season.  Not everyone here is a photographer so we have a variety of items that would be welcome under anyone’s tree. So if you are still searching for that perfect gift we might have some great ideas for you. Keep in mind some of the customized gifts might need to be ordered very soon in order to get here by Christmas. Stay tuned for more this is our first post by Sarah, one of our rockstar customer service folks.

Hello all! Sarah Here. Do I have a photography wish list? Erm… Not Really.
As much as I love other people’s art, I myself, am not a “behind-the-camera” kind of artist. However, I am a girl. And I love girly things!

When I was first given this task I thought “Oh joy, let me please go look at cameras and straps and cases, oh my!” (Insert your best sarcastic tone here.)

But then I Googled. And I looked. And then, OH! Oh look at this!!! I could not believe how many pretty things I was finding! Things this non photographer could not wait to get her hands on! I thought I would peek at some camera bags. After all, camera bags are kind of like purses, and I really love purses. There are some seriously dreamy confections out there! I particularly love Belle from Epiphanie by Maile Wilson.

It is pink. And I am not talking about just pink. It is PINK- pink, Fuchsia to be exact. Can I describe the ways I love fuchsia? The style is great. It actually reminds me of a high-end purse I have been eyeballing for quite some time. And did I mention all the room in it? I like purses that I can “carry everything and the kitchen sink” in. The panels would give me an opportunity to keep some organization, which I know my husband would be thankful for the next time I tell him the keys are in my purse; and it saves him approximately 20 minutes digging and shuffling trying to locate them in the abyss. Yes, I am quite in love with Belle.

(images from Epiphanie by Maile Wilson)

I am officially on a mission. What other stuff can I find?

“There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold…..” Were they singing about me when they wrote that song? Nah, pretty sure they weren’t. I wasn't even a sparkle in my parent's eyes yet, and I am not silly enough to think ALL glitter is gold. But, I do really like glitter, and gold, and more glitter. And I really like this camera strap from Phatstrap. I could put my OWN words on the strap. In Glitter. Yes! Even though I am not quite sure I need a camera strap, I know I could find another use for this. Maybe to carry my alarm around my neck?

(image by Arnold Turner from

(image from Phatstrap)

Ok, maybe not the best accessory idea I have had.

I think this sterling silver camera necklace from Bloomingdales is more my style.  It is super cute. And I love the message printed on the packaging: “SMILE! Make a wish and put on your necklace. Wear it as a reminder to flash your smile and share it with the world.” 

This is a message I can really get behind. After all, I love to smile. Smiles are contagious. Smiles make you feel good. And that my friends, is the #1 reason why this nonphotographer works with photographers. Wishing you all a beautiful Holiday!

(images from Bloomingdales)