When was the last time you laughed while learning Photoshop?

Cyber Monday deals are everywhere! I love them when they are actually great deals on normally great products, and I have one for you. Our "How To Photoshop Everyone" DVD is on sale now! We've got other money saving deals too on our site. This DVD is completely unique in that you enjoy learning Photoshop through a funny, full-length movie. The DVD also includes a second disc with straight up classroom style education so you can easily review and jump right to the sections you need. I've taken my 12+ years of teaching Photoshop and filtered it down to the really essential skills and techniques that every Photoshopper needs to know and use. It will save you time, and demystify the plethora of options that Photoshop provides. Thanks to CineStories, who helped produce the program, it's beautifully shot, educational, and fun!

Learning Photoshop can be fun!