Photographers Ignite trends #1 on twitter! Watch NOW free

During the live event, #IgniteLive hit the number 1 non-paid spot on Twitter trends, and for good reason: it was simply awesome! We partnered with friends creativeLIVE to broadcast live from NYC last friday and there was an incredible mix of talented presenters with funny, insightful, inspirational, and educational messages to share. If you missed it, it's being re-broadcast on creativeLIVE all day today, running every couple hours. It's all free, so tune in and enjoy! You can also watch all our past speakers for the last 3 years at Photographers Ignite on the Photographers Ignite website. The New York event will also be posted there soon as well. 

Photographers Ignite is fast, fun 5 minute presentations by some of the worlds best known photographers and newcomers who just may be the next shining star. This event was graced with Tamara Lackey, Bambi Cantrell, Sue Bryce, Vail Fucci, AJ Coots, Chris Meyer, Eric O'Connor, Fran Vega, Jeremy Cowart, Kenna Klosterman, Susan Roderick, Matthew Kemmetmueller, & Lindsay Adler.