Dashboard Tip: Add a hotkey to open and close the Dashboard

If you want to quickly launch or hide the Dashboard, a hotkey is the way to go. This is also very helpful when you run an action that asks you to paint in something as soon as it’s done. With the hotkey assigned, you can run the action, hit the hotkey to hide your Dashboard, then resize the brush or paint right away on the image without the panel obscuring your view. I’ve assigned my F1 key to launch/hide my Dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. Double check that you have the “Activate Kubota Dashboard” script installed. This should be automatically installed when you installed your Dashboard. If you don’t see it, contact us for help re-installing. It lives in the File > Scripts menu. See below:

  2.  Edit your keyboard shortcuts by going to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

  3. Find the “File” menu, click the triangle to reveal the items below, then scroll down:

  4. When you see “Activate Kubota Dashboard”, click in the shortcut column and assign your hot key. If you pick one that Photoshop already uses, you can override it or select something unique.

  5. Click “Accept” to save the new hotkey, then close the dialog. When you go to File > Scripts menu again, you should see your hotkey next to the script.
  6. Test it out!