where the heck have I been?

If you like your Photoshop education with a dose of fun, then I hope you'll love our latest project, "How To Photoshop Everyone". I've been working with Cinestories to create a new approach to typically boring software education. We've been filming for the past 2 weeks here in Bend and you'll see sides of me you NEVER thought you'd see...or even wanted to see. It will be fun and educational - a lighter hearted approach to learning the essentials of Photoshop. The DVD should be out this October, at the same time as my Lighting Notebook book and iApps. Here are some stills from the production. I'll post some teaser videos soon too.

Click to see the album on Cinestories FB page

ON another note, I've also been having fun doing my PostPro weekly programs for the [FRAMED] show. Here's the latest one, there will be a new one each Thursday: