I'll give you $100 to show the world what photographers are made of.

This is so simple. Your life won't change much - and yet it will. The cliché is the same, but the necessity is as fresh and powerful as ever...can you give up 6 venti lattes a month? I can, and will. My good friend, Benjamin Edwards, changed my life nearly 10 years ago when he entered it. He has continued to inspire and motivate me every day with his imagery and his heart. Today, he is in Nicaragua - donating more of his time and talents to create images that tell stories and bring awareness to people in need. Years ago he did that in Africa and it motivated me to make my own journey of discovery to Rwanda. My life has never been the same.

All I want is to see this simple request honored. Friends and photographers, let's show the world what we are made of. $30/month is all it takes. Consider this a favor to me and I will give everyone who donates at least $30 a $100 gift certificate to use on our software. I will extend this thank you until July 4th. We can all easily sponsor and potentially save the 7 remaining young girls. This really is a fantastic program!

Please read Ben's short, sweet, blog post to find out more. 

Go directly to Forward Edge International and sponsor a child: 

Then email me a copy of your receipt and I'll send you a thank you gift certificate for $100 to use on our software.

One of Benjamin's awesome images. See more on his blog