A few images from Sardegna, Italy

We are currently on the island of Sardegna, which is about 7 hrs. by (slow) ferry boat off the coast of Italy. The trip is part vacation, part scouting locations for our future workshops in Italy. We did find a spectacular location for our brand new Italy Photo Festival that will be held in the fall of 2012. We are working with our friends, and partners, Max and Cristiana from Umbria. Stay tuned for more info on that, it will be awesome creative, experiential fun for all!


Sardegna is beautiful, with warm, sunny beaches and crystal clear water. The weather has been just perfect and I did manage to get sunburnt on the very first day out. I guess I'll never learn! (Yes, I was covered with SPF30! But apparently that wasn't enough :-) 


Here are a few images from the adventure so far. We've been so busy "relaxing" that I haven't had time to do much editing. Today is a chill day though, so I hope to get a little work done ;-)

On the boat over to Sardegna, Max grabs a photo under Tweetie's watchful eye:


The view from our villa:


We took a boat to some of the protected little islands around Sardegna. The water was amazingly crystal clear and so refreshing to swim in!


Nikko and I got up for some sunrise shooting at the beach down the street:

Wandering the streets of Santa Teresa: