Want a free copy of QuickPix, my favorite iPhone app for FAST photo taking?

I love playing with iPhone photo apps and try as many as I can. There are some great ones for tweaking images and sending them to your online photo sites (hint: keep your eyes out for the bestest one coming soon!) But, one thing I really need most of the time is to take a photo FAST. I can then send it to my favorite editor, but if I miss the opportunity, then there is nothing to send, right!

I just started using QuickPix and it does one thing really well: starts fast and takes photos (and video) fast - even FULL resolution images on "motor drive". For fastest pic taking, it even has an option to take a photo as soon as the app launches! It now lives on my dock for lightning access to my camera - and, hopefully, the perfect moment captured :-) The developer answered my questions REALLY fast and even offered up 5 free codes for the app to my readers!

So, if you want one, just leave a comment for me here on this post and I'll pick 5 people at random by tomorrow night (tues) at 6pm

Check out QuickPix: