I hope this gets you excited

About photography lighting! This video was fun for us to produce because it really reminds me of just how much we've done and the diversity of information we will be sharing. I know I'm getting excited just talking about it! One of the greatest lessons I've learned from this journey is the power of collaboration. I made a quick tweet the other day about creative collaboration and it got a lot of great responses - indicating to me that we all feel the need and, hopefully, the fruits of successful collaboration efforts. It's so important to find creative people that you are comfortable sharing with - AND you nurture those relationships. Here's my quick list of what's important in a creative collaboration:

  1. Learn How to Make creative Friends.
  2. Know what to do with those friends.
  3. How to keep the friendship going.

Making friends is not easy. I'll admit I'm not great at it - not because I don't like having friends, but because I'm inherently shy. Yes, I said it. I always dread that canned response to a get-together request, "Yah, um, that would be great, let's get together...sometime." and I never know if it's sincere or just polite. But that's my own insecurity. Get over it! (That's me yelling affirmations at myself). I think most creative people want other creative people to hang out and share with, but they just need to feel they are in a safe environment to do so. Make the first move, yah, do it. Creatives are very sensitive. Which leads me to my next point...

When you find a creative collaborator you click with, remember you are in this together. Share your ideas and welcome theirs. Rid yourself of the selfish notion that everything you do has to be completely YOUR idea. It's not. Even if you think it is, it really isn't. Every creative thing we do is the product of outside inspiration, ideas, and experiences mashed all up in our creative subconscious to produce something personal and a little fresher. The only difference is that we either welcome and acknowledge that influence or we don't. Encourage your creative partner, listen to their ideas, incorporate them, and give back. 

Don't let the honeymoon end! While nobody can constantly keep a stream of enthusiastic creative energy going forever (except maybe Doug Gordon), you can ensure that you persistently plan to make something happen. You may not know what you are going to do, but plan to do SOMETHING. Persistency and consistency builds strong and lasting relationships. That and, of course, trust. Remember, no answer is not a NO answer. People get busy and we all lose focus. Just make a plan to get going and keep it on track. 

This Lighting Notebook project has been a huge inspiration for me, not only because I've been able to challenge myself and create some cool personal projects, but I've been able to creatively collaborate with some really awesome people. My photographer buddy, Benjamin Edwards, is my partner in this project and we brainstorm together all the time. Alycia White is my Dynamic Details Diva who is super creative in helping to concept and plan our shoots. She's also a wonderful photographer on her own. I have some awesome and creative young interns: Derek Oldham, Marina Koslow, and Cindy Girroir. All have been very instrumental in making our images happen and contributing creative ideas. Kudos to the creative team!

So, take a look at what we've been up to!