What does Memorial Day mean to you?

It's funny how we turn every holiday in to an excuse to have a sale on something. Not as in funny, hah hah, but in funny, weird. I'm not adverse to sales, of course, and would certainly welcome any opportunity to save some money, but it just hit me how odd it is to have a special sale on iPod covers or fancy shoes when we are supposed to be honoring those who were killed in the military. It would seem more appropriate, in my mind, to refrain from driving my car to the mall or buying anything at all. This would save gas, oil, and money - which is what most wars are fought over anyway. It is what most soldiers die for. What better way to remember them than to think about ways to prevent war from ever happening again. I also think Memorial day should be about remembering the innocent bystanders and civilians that are killed as byproducts of war. We rarely celebrate them. It's one thing to choose to risk your life for your country, and another to have your life forcibly taken. I will be thinking about, and honoring, both of these on my quiet, sale-free, day.

I welcome your thoughts on memorial day, but please, just share respectfully. Have a peaceful holiday.