Would you love to help a teen photographer succeed?

If you are a photo products vendor, educator, or supplier and would love to encourage young (under 18 yrs.) photographers and aspiring photographers be successful, then please contact me! I was inspired a couple days ago by an email from a 13 yr. old photographer in MD who sent me a nice note. She has already started her own kids portrait business and is doing great work! While I have no doubt she'll be successful, you need all the help you can get when starting your own business at that young age (and trying to schedule photo sessions around your homework & chores!).

She inspired me to start the Kubota Junior Photographer Scholarship program and I'd love to be able to give her the tools to help her, and other ambitious youngsters like her, succeed. If you represent a company that provides photo products, education, training, workshops, books, software, etc. and would like to be part of our regular scholarship program - PLEASE contact me right away! This is an exciting way to use your skills and resources to help where it really counts - by educating our youth. My goal is to have a quarterly or bi-annual scholarship winner based on applications submitted. 

Ironically, I got a call yesterday morning from a good friend, Jeffrey Woods, who has helped start an arts education program for under privileged children. Funny how moons collide.

Please contact me through this blog contact page if you have ideas for ways we can help these awesome and ambitious kids - or if you have goods or services you'd like to contribute. Thanks for considering it everyone!