What photographers want most in education

Skip's Summer School is one of those few venues for photographic education that really "gets it". Whenever I talk to photographers, or we survey our own customer base, we learn some valuable things about how photographers like to learn. Most photogs really love hands-on, smaller groups, and intimate settings. They are even willing to pay more for this kind of learning environment because they feel they get exponentially more out of it. What if you could learn this way, but NOT pay more? I've been a guest teacher at Skip's Summer School since it's inception 3 years ago (as of this summer) and it is really something I look forward to. Not only is Skip a great guy to learn from and work with, but he knows how to put together a well thought out program with amazingly relevant content. This year I'll be teaching a hands-on lighting workshop for Skip's Summer School, but I'm only a drop in the bucket compared to the amazing lineup of talent he has gathered. It's truly one of the best deals in photo education around. I hope to see you there!