Image of success.

We had a crazy weekend, shooting for 4 days straight, and finishing up at a hair past midnight last night. One of the images we did was of Kacy, who we've worked with for several years. She's modeled for my workshops on many occasions and manages one of our local favorite restaurants. About a year ago, she told me she was starting a new workout program and wanted to compete in some kind of competition. I thought maybe it was one of those diet programs where you track your success from start to finish - competing for who makes the most progress. I thought that was pretty awesome. Come to find out, she was doing much more than that, she had transformed herself from an average fit woman to a competing bodybuilder! In just 1 year she worked her butt off and has placed 2nd and 3rd in her first bodybuilding competitions! I was so impressed with what Kacy had accomplished, and how she just shines even more brightly now that she's successfully reached one of her goals. When I started thinking about the image I wanted to make of her, I immediately pictured her as a beautiful bird - free and powerful, able to go anywhere, and do anything.

Kacy told me the other day that her next goal is to place 1st in a competition, and I have no doubt she'll do it!

We lit this image with 2 Photoflex strip banks, one on each side and slightly behind her. A Photoflex Octodome was above her face and slightly to the left and another Photoflex monolight was positioned directly behind her as a hairlight/rimlight. I used a black velvet backdrop and a stock photo of wings to pull it all together.

The entire system was triggered by a PocketWizard radio slave system.


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