Images from Bootcamp day 2 with our lovely Mecca

Today we had fun. I love shooting with other photographers - there is such a great energy that circulates between us and it seems you could shoot all day long - taking time out for meals, of course. At Digital Photography Bootcamp™, we cover a broad range of essential subjects, one of them being lighting. It always seems to be a subject of great interest to photographers at all experience levels - and for good reason…good light has more of an effect on the feel and mood of a photograph than almost any other aspect of its creation. Even a perfectly posed, propped, and populated photo will be weak, at best, without equally thoughtful light. Lighting is just plain fun to find and create! 


We had a great young lady, Mecca, as our subject. She displayed a sophistication far beyond her years and made the session thoroughly enjoyable for all involved. This following image was made with a single Photoflex diffusion panel to the right of the Mecca - strategically placed slightly in front and to the right of her and wrapping inward toward the camera. This allowed for soft, directional light that created its own fill. A Nikon SB900 speedlight was used behind the panel with a Pocket Wizard TT5 as the trigger. Light panels are literally one of my most used, and essential studio and location tools as they are incredibly versatile. 


All the images were processed in Lightroom with our Vintage Delish presets then passed to Photoshop for final love with our Dashboard tools and Borders & Textures. 




We then added a hair light with another SB800 on a pocket wizard, but with a Rogue Grid attachment to focus the light exactly where we wanted it, and nowhere else. The new Rogue Grid and Flash Benders are quickly becoming some of my favorite light modifiers because of their efficiency in light transmission, ease of use, and versatility.




The Rogue Grid was also used on the main light to create a more dramatic, Hollywood style lighting.


Kevinkubota--20 Kevinkubota--18
A single Photoflex reflector disk was used with natural light. The subject was placed with her back to the sun to illuminate her hair.
To create this image, I used an EzyBox, from Lastolite. This is a great, perfectly sized softbox that attaches to speedlights for use anywhere. What sets it apart from other softboxes is the quick and easy setup - no rods to bend, break or fight with. It just pops up and in to shape in 10 seconds and collapses as quickly. The quality of light is amazing and we've been using it quite a bit on our outdoor sessions. Put it on the end of a monopod or light pole and you have a super portable, versatile lighting tool. I also used a neutral density filter over my lens to enable me to shoot at f2.8 and lower my shutter speed to at or below natural sync speed - which allows for maximum output from the speedlight. If I were to use high speed sync instead, I'd lose considerably more output potential from my flash and slow my recycle times.
Kevinkubota--4 Kevinkubota--3 Kevinkubota--9
Natural light, no artificial nothing.
Kevinkubota--13 Kevinkubota--10 Kevinkubota--6 Kevinkubota--5