4 Brides in an Afternoon

I just finished day 1 in Puerto Rico teaching a Mini Digital Bootcamp. Little did I know going in to the day that they would have 4 different brides for me to photograph this afternoon! It worked out beautifully and despite a crowd of 100 or so photographers around me, I had a great time and got a nice variety of images.




Natural light with a kiss from my flashlight to illuminate her head decorations. They were beautifully hand made by a local artist.




A single SB900 with a Gary Fong powersnoot illuminates her. I under-exposed the background -1 stop and added texture from my BorTex software.


Kevinkubota-8620 Kevinkubota-8570 Kevinkubota--3


Neutral density filters allowed me to slow the shutter down to 1/30th for soft motion in full sun.


Kevinkubota--2 Kevinkubota-8436 Kevinkubota-8421


We pulled up a cool red carpet behind the model to form a backdrop outside.


Kevinkubota- Kevinkubota-8306 Kevinkubota-8289 Kevinkubota-8202 Kevinkubota--5


I used a LED spotlight to illuminate her face while also dropping the exposure for the ambient light -1 stop to make the room more dramatic.