Photo Contest winners from Puerto Rico

At many of my workshops and seminars, I challenge the attendees to push themselves out of their comfort zones and also to engage themselves in a photo project of some sort. One of the popular projects is the Alphabet hunt. It's a classic photo project and its simplicity belies it's effectiveness. By doing projects like this, you train your mind and your eye to see the world a little differently - more creatively. This is obviously a skill that builds a better, more creative photographer in general. When you've been photographing the same thing for many years, you need something different to infuse a little more life in your daily work. 

The other "project" I've personally had a ton of fun with, and have subsequently challenged others to, is the Laying Down Game (LDG). Jed and Vicki Taufer introduced me to this quirky pastime a few years ago and it's hilarious allure still hasn't worn off. Besides being just ridiculously funny to see the photos, it challenges the maker to really step out of their comfort zone! I think this is another critical "skill" we have to practice to be able to grow creatively - and personally. Almost every significant kind of growth requires taking a leap of faith or doing something initially uncomfortable. I like to practice making myself more comfortable with uncomfortable situations.

One thing that really surprised me about this particular workshop was that when I asked the group who was going to enter the contests, almost the entire room raised their hands, and yet only ONE person even sent in their entry for each of the two contests. Only ONE. Many people have great intentions, and know the benefits will be high (in this case it was $500 in prizes for each contest), and yet very few people actually follow through. I think this is very true in all aspects of life. We know what's good for us, but for some reason or another we don't always do it. I know that I personally need to work on pursuing those things that I know will lead me to be a better, more successful, & happier person. 

Here's the cool prize package:
Tamrac Zipshot ($50 value)
$50 towards Custom Album Design from Red Boot Design
$75 Print Package from Bay Photo
Choice of Escalate Live May 2010 Event or Be Boutique Video Download ($99 value)
Rogue FlashBenders from ExpoImaging, Inc. ($105 value)

Total $579

So, the winner of the alphabet contest was David Gasser!


And the winners of the Laying Down Game was Orlando and Angel, who secretly got in this shot while I was leading a photo shoot!


Congratulations guys, you've won over $500 worth of goodies!