The first big step

If you want to see behind the scenes of a fun and somewhat complicated photo shoot, I'll have some photos and video later this week from the underwater pregnancy shoot we are doing tonight. It is one of the sessions that will be included in the new book I'm writing, The Lighting Notebook, published by Wiley and to be released this summer. The book is all about location lighting, and will detail all the equipment, setups, and behind the scenes information to make my 20 years of varied experiences with lighting part of your own repertoire too. The book will be easy to understand, clearly cross-referenced, and full of cool and varied lighting tricks - most of which can be achieved with minimal or inexpensive equipment. We'll also be creating videos of every session and I'll post some of them here on my blog. 


Tonight's session is actually one of the more complicated of the planned sessions as it obviously requires much more equipment and planning to photograph underwater. My lovely pregnant mom-to-be model also started having contractions last week, which fortunately have stopped. I'm just hoping the shoot doesn't stress her back in to early labor! 


I'll also be doing some shots from directly above the water, with my camera on a boom arm, and I'll use OnOne Software's super cool Camera Remote DSLR iPhone app to see through and control my camera from poolside.


Stay tuned!




About 20% of the stuff we'll need for the shoot tonight.