The Journey begins

So I got this call a few weeks ago from my special friend (special as in "special", not challenged) Benjamin Edwards. He said that he was going to Cambodia to help World Relief collect video and photos for their marketing and awareness efforts. Ben does a lot of charitable work for World Relief, and the world in general. His photography and video work is truly inspiring. He said, "You should come."

So here I am, on the first plane out of Dodge, I mean, Bend, on my way to Cambodia. I'm traveling with an amazing team of creative people: Beth and Maryanne, who will be shooting video and stills, Ken is masterminding and writing, but sadly - no Ben. Ben called yesterday heartbroken. He was very sick and the doctor advised against flying. It was a tough decision he had to make.

So, I'm already missing my buddy, wishing we were embarking on this adventure together, but knowing there is a reason for it happening and that we'll have many more adventures together in the future. Things never seem to go exactly as expected - as we sort of expected. Our first stop, once in Cambodia, will be the amazing Angkor Wat area, with tree covered temples and incredible history. From there we have a busy schedule interviewing, observing, and documenting the World Relief team and people they serve. It should be an amazing week. But for now, all I can think about is my friend, at home, sick and wishing he could be on this cramped little plane too, eating peanuts and soft drinks, discussing the intricacies of life - and DSLR video. We'll be thinking about you Ben! Stay tuned.