What can creative people do to promote justice in the world?

Come to cocktails at my studio and let's talk about it. On the evening of Feb. 12th, 2011, I'll be hosting, along with my friend Benjamin Edwards, a gathering at my studio to share our images and ideas on how creative professionals can use their talents to change the world. This particular evening is a special add-on for attendees of the Justice Conference, being held in beautiful Bend, OR - my home town, on Feb. 11 & 12. 

Some of the photos and video we shot in Cambodia will be used to make a presentation at the Justice Conference about Human Trafficking, which is a big issue there - and for many other parts of the world, including Portland, OR. Yah, I had no idea either that Portland is one of the top areas for human trafficking in the world.

The intimate party will be for any and all creative pros attending the conference; whether photographer, artist, or designer, to listen and share ideas for what we can do to facilitate justice. We already have the skills and talents, all we need is the desire, passion, and a little encouragement from like minded people. Come join us and let's see what we can do to make the world a little better place.

Sign up for the gathering here: http://bit.ly/dTWgzx