Day 3 in Cambodia

This is the first time I've traveled sans laptop on a photo excursion, and its a bit challenging. I really really wanted to travel light, so I brought only my iPad to download and post photos. It actually works pretty well with the Apple camera connection kit. What I've been doing is downloading just a few images to the iPad that I want to blog, rather than all of them, which saves time. Then I'll crop and do some basic adjustments with Photogene on the iPad, and batch export them at a smaller size. Of course, I'm anxious to be able to fully work them with my Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions, but this is a good quick solution until I get home.

Today we took a departure from the historical Cambodia and went out to the rural areas where World Relief has established great programs for children, teens, and HIV/AIDS victims. The teach the children about health, safety, and faith through fun songs and funny puppet shows. The kids love it!

As I expected, the poverty is severe and the living conditions unsanitary. The good news is that their quality of life and chances for opportunity are improving markedly thanks in part to the work of World Relief and it's volunteers. It was very encouraging to see first hand.

A woman at the HIV /AIDS support group

This little one was a cutie! She wasn't shy at all.

For my friend Ben, who envisioned getting an image of children playing with balloons.

A fisherman feeding his fish pond.

Children gathered for learning through wonderfully animated entertainment.

Lotus blossoms along the road

Don demonstrates how he modeled for the poster. It was sort of out of place in this environment. The poster...and Don.

Tuk tuk cabs are like Mosquitos buzzing around the city.

Don, Marianne, & Ken getting tuk tukked

Me and Beth

No day would be complete without a Laying Down Game shot.