Day 2 in Cambodia:

Those gory videos they show in driver's education class are memorable. But, if we really want to leave an impression on our new drivers then we should have them visit the crash site and graves of the victims of reckless driving. We should have them meet the parents of the deceased and listen to their stories of the loss and pain. This sinks in. 

Today sank in. We visited the prisons and the Killing Fields, where the Khmer Rouge tortured and buried thousands of helpless people. It was sobering, to say the least. A volunteer guide at the site lived through the experience, telling us the story of escaping, while the rest of his family was exterminated. I've been to the holocaust museum in D.C., the Genocide memorial in Rwanda, the Peace Park in Hiroshima, and now the Killing Fields in Cambodia. Each time I cry at the atrocities humans are capable of. Each time I reel in the realization that these things happened in my lifetime, or very shorty before - not in the middle ages. Each time I feel a sense of helplessness and desperation in knowing they are still happening in parts of the world in mind-boggling numbers. 

Every human should stand in a place of unimaginable horror, and hear the first hand accounts of those that lived through it. We owe it to ourselves to feel this pain - as far removed as it may be from the actual experience. You can never truly fear fire, unless you've felt the burn of it's heat.

One of the cells in the prison. A view from the inside. It's not as big as it looks.