Is there a better way to start your day?

A good friend sent me this Happy Birthday wish this morning with the silliest pic of her sone :-) What a great way to start the day! So, it's no secret it's my bday today, and turning 45 is harder than I thought. I didn't have much of a problem with 40. 41-44 seemed easy. But 45?! Feels like a hump. I know, I know, wah wah wah. Many of you have been there, done that, and lived to tell about it! Can't I just wallow in a little self-pity for a itsy bitsy bit? OK, I'm done. I got the best presents ever, from my wife and 2 boys and then came in to fun surprises at the office! I took the long way in to work, driving my favorite winding roads with a home-made smoothie in one hand and favorite coffee in the other, and another hand on the wheel. I thought about how much I love to just drive and listen to my favorite tunes - loud. I even pulled out an old favorite that I hadn't listened to in while, with the greatest guitar solo of all time - Comfortably Numb. You know the band. If not, you wouldn't get it anyway :-)

It reminded me, on this my Big Hump Day, that it really is all about the journey. I've been stressing about where I want to be in 5, 10, 20 years. What do I want to "do" with my life…all that sort of thing. But, I really just need to appreciate the every day little things that make the journey so wonderful. I have amazing friends, the coolest work team anyone could ask for, and a family that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. They keep me in stitches every day and never cease to amaze me with their thoughtfulness and love.
I'm gonna go seize the day!


My boys gave me the funniest stuff this morning!

Kai made me a Number One dollar ring. He figured out how to make it on the internet :-)

My goodies at the office!