Simple productivity tip

There are a jillion things you can do to be more effective, productive, efficient, and tastefully dressed. But let's focus on one thing: being focused. I have many tools and techniques for task management, but the problem is that I get sidetracked easily... Squirrel!!

I need to focus on one thing at a time and get it done. I also need to make sure that the things I AM doing are focused towards my goals. i.e. I don't want to spend time knocking off tasks that ultimately are not really getting me closer to my main goals. So, I need to remember to FOCUS. I know that affirmations are great, and they work, but I always feel like they are more poignant when somebody else tells me the same thing. So. I let my iPhone tell me.

I've set up a daily repeating reminder to pop up on my phone at 9am that says "Are you focused?" That's it. It's amazing how well it works for me. I often catch myself in the middle of doing something non-productive when the message appears and I break the pattern. It also helps remind me to plan my day towards the important goals. We tend to become what we think about most, so I want to think about FOCUSED. Now, anybody have any cool new bands to recommend?