New Lensbaby book just arrived on my desk

it wasn't the stork that brought this one, it was produced by Corey Hilz and Lensbaby. It's published by Focal Press and is a beautiful book of Lensbaby images, techniques, portfolios, and so much more. I am amazed at how much thought has gone in to this book! It's already giving me a slew of new ideas to try with my own Lensbabies. It's truly inspirational whether you use a Lensbaby or not…but I'll bet you'll want one after seeing the images in this book! Wow. Corey has covered everything, it seems, from choosing the right Lensbaby (adoption process :-), proper technique, the different optics, accessories, using it with HDR, video, and much more. There's even a troubleshooting section and lots of Lensbaby portfolios from proud Lensbaby parents everywhere (including me!)


You can get the book on Amazon if interested: here