Interesting opportunity for a photographer with time to travel

A photographer friend of mine wishes she could do this project, but family commitments keep her from doing it. She asked if I would help her spread the word. If you are interested, please contact Walter for more info, not me! This is the info he provided. Sounds like it could be awesome for a free-spirit photographer!

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The person to contact is Walter at  The website is and they are MillionDollarRT on Twitter.

*** from Walter Hessert of the Million Dollar Road Trip

I am looking for a young, cool, talented, unattached photographer to
come on the road with us.  Any ideas off the top of your head?
Really, I was hoping you might have an creative idea on a good way to
find this type of person.

It would be a free road trip around the country.  They would have a
profit share on ad sales which is not guaranteed money but I could
guarantee a small stipend.  Most importantly, they would be exposed to
a ton of Americana subjects and have a great vehicle to share their

Just thought I would throw it out there!

This will be an incredible experience for the lucky photographer!

Here is a little info on what's happening:

The Million Dollar Road Trip (MDRT) is a cross-media marketing business promoting, celebrating and inspiring the American entrepreneurial spirit today. 

We have embarked on THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP: a year-long journey across the continental United States, touring over 50 of the nation's largest cities and attending dozens of marquee events.  Our Airstream International is the ideal medium and our trip the ideal canvas to deliver our message, inspiring young people to dare to dream and do, to think and act boldly. Now. 

We are leading by example: MDRT will sell one million dollars in advertising on the exterior of our Airstream.  We will be the most memorable, effective promotional vehicle in the country.  We will deliver high-impact, high-return marketing services to American businesses. 

And by doing what we do, we will inspire others to do what they do.  To dream big.  To take risk.  To seize opportunity.  Entrepreneurialism is an essential American ethos spanning geography and generations, fundamental to who we are, to what got us here today, and to what will propel us forward tomorrow. 

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