Tamara Lackey reveals all

In her free webinar that we are hosting on 8/31. We are very excited to have recently partnered with Tamara to produce her Style Guide, which is a printed book/DVD combo that contains numerous examples of her beautiful and imitable children and family portraits. The book shows before and after images as well as the step by step techniques she used to achieve those looks using Kubota Image Tools Dashboard Actions. The DVD has a detailed movie of her process for each image. It doesn't get much easier than this! (unless you can convince Tamara to come beautify your images for you personally :-) The Style Guide even comes with a unique set of Tamara/Kubota actions that use our existing actions and automatically tweak them the way she likes for her looks. (Kubota Dashboard Actions are required to be installed in order to use her variants, although a free 30 day demo is included)

This webinar will give you insights into those techniques she used and you'll see, just like in her Style Guide, exactly how she modifies our Actions to get precisely the look she's going for. We've loved working with Tamara as she's wonderfully talented and an excellent teacher as well. Come she what she's all about. Aug 31st 10:00 AM PDT Register here: http://ow.ly/2ru0w