If you were in Tennessee at my workshop.

Then you know we covered a lot of ground! We talked about finding and keeping inspiration, techniques for capturing images that sell, processing those images quickly and efficiently with Lightroom, enhancing them with Photoshop, and making the final presentation. We also talked about marketing and branding and finding your true voice as a photographic artist. We covered sales and my S.E.T.S.A.S.S.Y. system for selling without selling. We also had more dancing due to phone calls than any program I can remember in a long time! 

Thanks for a great time and the hospitality. I really appreciate it and hope you'll all stay in touch. There was a great little side story during the program. Earlier in the day we talked about doing out and asking for the work you want. I also recommended a great restaurant in the area that I had dined at the night before (Wild Ginger). One of the attendees, who is specializing in food photography decided to go there on our lunch break and ended up showing the manager her iPad portfolio of food photography. He was so impressed he offered to have her shoot their next menu photos! Way to make things happen :-)

To download the program notes, click here. Don't forget, you'll need the password I gave you during the program to download and open the file. You can also download my folder templates, with the lightroom catalog template in it here as well.